How to Monitor Another Phone Screen Activity and See Screenshot Remotely

How to Monitor Another Phone Screen Activity and See Screenshot Remotely
These days, almost all people in the world use social media. Through social media, we can do many activities with the features. The features enable everyone to chat and share many things. But, not everyone can use social media wisely, for instance, children and teens. They are not mature enough to use social media. Hence, parents should control their social media use.

To overcome such problems, you may need some tips of how to monitor another phone screen activity and see screenshot remotely. Below are some apps that can help you control one’s phone screen activity.


Hoverwatch provides you with many features. However, you can only use this if you are an android user. By using Hoverwatch, you are able to record calls, detect phone locations, and check call logs. Besides, you are also able to save contact lists and take screenshots.

Hoverwatch is considered to be quite accurate. It is also not easy to detect. Thus, you can secretly use it to control any phone. However, this app is not available for iPhones.

Cell Tracker

Cell tracker is not only available for android, but also for iPhone, iPad and PC. Besides capturing screenshots, this app is also able to read messages on instant messaging apps. It is considered to be the easiest spying app. But you cannot use this app secretly. A notification will appear on the target phone every time it is used.

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Family Locator

Just like its name, the main function of this app is to monitor your family’s location. In an urgent situation, it will be helpful for you. So, if you are worried about your kids while they are not with you, this is the best app that you can try.You can get this app via Google Play Store (for Android users) and App Store (for iPhone users). This provides quite complete features too.

The data are also quite accurate. Before using the app, remember to sign up first using your phone number and email. After signing up, you will be asked to make a group and input group code. Then, download and open the Family Locator app on the target phone and invite to the group. Input the group code and ask for permission.

SpyZie App

This is one of the best spying apps that you can try. Besides capturing screenshots, it also helps you to record call logs, wifi history, messages and location. To use this app, you don’t need rooting and jailbreak. But this app is a bit pricey, and you need to have a license.


This app is available for iPhone and Android. It provides various features. It is suitable for those of you who think how to monitor another phone screen activity and see screenshot remotely. JJSpy is also considered to be the best spying app, among others. It enables you to do offline tracking. So, even though the device is not connected to any network, the tracking still works. Unfortunately, to use this app, you need to buy and subscribe first before installing it.

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iKey Monitor App

In this app, you can also record calls and read messages. Besides, it can also track locations and browsing history. You can use this app on Android and iPhone.
In using this app, you can still collect data even if the phone is turned off. Once it is turned on, the data will be sent to monitoring software. Besides, it is also able to record deleted emails and WhatsApp messages.


Spyer is a unique spying app. It has a special feature. It can work in stealth mode so that it will not be detected. To get the feature, you should activate it first when you are installing it. Well, it is also able to recover deleted messages. By using this app, you can track the target’s social media account both in iPhone and Android.


Coco spy is a light spying app that is easy to use. Well, it can be used on Android or iPhone. This app enables you to track location, messages, contacts, and also social media, including Facebook and Instagram.
To use CocoSpy, you need to download it first via The installation is easy to do. Open the file that you have downloaded, and then click install. Then, it is ready to use.

SpyFone Monitoring App

This app is good for taking screenshots on other phones. But, SpyFone is available for android and iPhone only. The other feature of this app is it helps you to record calls and view photos and videos in the gallery.
Those are some tips of how to monitor another phone screen activity and see screenshot remotely. Remember not to misuse those tips. Always try to use it wisely.

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Misuse of the apps may be considered a crime. So, just beware of using the apps. Using it mainly for parental control is better. Besides, some applications are sometimes not very safe. So, you had better choose apps that are considered to be safe only.