How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages from Your PC or Phone (Android and iPhone)

Easy Ways to Spy on WhatsApp Messages from Your PC or Phones Without Being Detected
Designed to provide easy and fast communication, WhatsApp is a popular app messenger for personal conversations. It is similar to SMS technology that most users have used. With this app, you can share videos, photos, documents, and voice messages with your friends or family.

However, it also has some disadvantages to your kids such as chatting with strangers, watching adult contents, or exchanging inappropriate materials. Or maybe your employee may misuse this app by watching short video clips or chatting during work hours.

To prevent all those activities, you can use the WhatsApp spy app to keep track of your kids or employee’s devices for any misuse. You can also find out potential scams or who has been messaging you frequently. With the popular feature of WhatsApp spy apps such as monitoring someone without them knowing. So, how to spy on WhatsApp messages from your PC or phone (Android and iPhone)? Here are a few ways you can follow.

How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages from PC or Phone Using Spy Apps

Using spy apps is the most quick and convenient way to spy someone’s WhatsApp communications without knowing about it or making them invaluable. It will allow you to monitor their activity on their smartphone, computer, or tablet.

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You will be able to track everything that has been sent and received on the device such as browser history, voicemail, text messages, and multimedia anything sent or received by their device. WhatsApp spy apps also include real-time map placement using the GPS which allow you to see their location at any given time.

There are many and various free spy apps that offer different features and settings which you can use on PC or smartphones like Android or iPhone. Here some the best spy apps recommendation:

1. ClevGuard

This app is the most powerful app that can help you monitor WhatApp messages on the target’s device. You can track the activity of the WhatsApp account and let you get access to all the messages. ClevGuard has some various features such as compatibility with most computers, phones, and tablets, tracking the location of target’s device, and being easy to use. It also offers multi-language support for the app itself and customer service. The stealth monitoring also allows you to protect yourself from being discovered.

2. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is one of the most advanced spy apps for WhatsApp because it can monitor the target’s device in real time, including the messages and photos that are sent or received to their device. It runs invisibly on the target’s device. You can also access it remotely without being detected from your PC or smartphones (Android or iPhone). Hoverwatch features include tracking the phone calls, messages, location data, and call logs while your data is collected anonymously and does not contain personal information such as email address or phone numbers. It also offers a free trial version.

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3. FlexiSpy

FlxiSpy is a spy software that allows you to monitor all your target device activities on an Android device or iPhone such as SMS, WhatApp, phone calls, email, and other social media apps.
Hoverwatch features include control of the apps or website that the target’s device use, block any account on a smartphone or tablet remotely with just one click without being detected, provide real-time dashboard alerts, offer you a hassle-free remote installation service, and allow you to track the target’s device log on or off activity. However, this app requires rooting or jailbreak on the target’s device to monitor it.

MAC Spoofing

To approach another way on how to spy WhatsApp messages from your PC or phones (Android and iPhone), you can use MAC Spoofing, which is more complicated and time consuming than the other ways above. You also need considerable computer expertise because it might be prohibited in some places.

MAC spoofing is possible with the device’s media access control number. This is because every device has a unique MAC number which some apps use to identify the device’s owner. It involves cloning a target’s device and using it to spy on their WhatsApp messages and other activities.

Here are some things you will require:

1. Download app (Click here)
2. Target device
3. Your smartphone

Here it is how to spy on WhatsApp messages from your PC or phones someone’s device:

1. First, you need to find out their MAC address
2. For iPhone, you can go to settings button and click the general button and click the about and look for WiFi
3. For Android, go to settings and click the about device button, then choose the WiFi MAC address
4. Next, uninstall WhatsApp from your phone
5. You can replace your smartphone’s MAC address with the target’s device address. You can use tools such as BusyBox and WiFi spoof
6. Restart your phone, then reinstall your WhatApp
7. Request the activation code
8. Enter the code to remove the message from the target’s device
9. Lastly, replace your current MAC address with the old one

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