How to Track My Partner’s Cell Phone and Spy WhatsApp Messages

How to Track My Partner’s Cell Phone and Spy WhatsApp Messages
If you are a married couple, there may be some time when you cannot trust your partner. She/he may chat with another woman/man and make you angry. Therefore, you keep checking your partner’s phone.

Well, your partner may not feel comfortable if you keep checking his/her phone. This may cause conflict between you and your partner. Thus, in this situation, you may think about ‘how to track my partner’s cell phone and spy WhatsApp messages.’ Hence, if you think so, you should try some applications below.


To use this app, download and install the app first. Well, it is available for both iPhone and Android. Then, open the app and input the target phone number. After that, you will get a notification if it is successful. Thus, you will be able to receive notifications about the target phone’s activities.

SocialSpy Whatsapp

Social Spy is simple and easy to use. Firstly, you need to visit the social spy Whatsapp website first. Then, tap See Target Chat History. Later, input the phone number on Target Phone Number and then do Complete Human Verification. After that, click Submit. In the end, you should do verification by tapping Verify Through Survey.

mSpy Track App

This app is available for all browsers. So, you can use not only chrome but also the other browsers as well. But it can only be used on Android phones. It is good for tracking location, messages and calls. Besides, you don’t need to do rooting to use the app.

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Mobile Client for WhatsApp Web

This app is free and easy to use. To use this app, firstly, you need to download Mobile Client for Whatsapp. Then, install the app on your device. After installing the app, input the Whatsapp number of your target phone. Later, you will get a code that can be scanned. Scan the code on the target phone. After this, you can spy on the WhatsApp of the target.

Whatsapp Sniffer

If you use Whatsapp Sniffer, both devices must be connected to the same network. To use the app, you should first download the app. After that, install it on your device. Then, open the app. Now, it can automatically detect the data flow on the other device. Thus, this app is helpful for you if you think ‘how to track my partner’s cell phone and spy WhatsApp messages.’

Air Droid + Hider

These apps should be used altogether. These help you to control the phone without directly accessing the phone. To use the apps, you should firstly download Hider. Hider’s function is to hide the AirDroid apps. After that, do the same thing for the AirDroid. Download it and install it. Don’t forget to register yourself via Facebook or Gmail. Then, choose Enable. Later, activate the AirDroid Notification Mirror on the target phone. Now, you are ready to spy on the target phone.


By using this app, you are able to record calls, browser, contacts, location, and of course, WhatsApp. You don’t need to do rooting to use this. Though, Mobistealth only enables you to read the outgoing message on Android and iPhone.

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This app’s feature is quite complete. It can track all the WhatsApp chats remotely. Well, you can use this app on iPhone and Android. But you need rooting and jailbreak to use this app.

Clone App Messenger

Just like the name, this app provides a ‘cloning’ feature. It can reduplicate the app. Thus, it can be used to do WhatsApp tracking. To use the app, download the application first. After that, install and open it. Give permission for the access until you get the QR code. Then, scan the QR code in the target phone to the Clone App Messenger. Next, open WhatsApp on the target phone. Tap on the three dots menu on the corner side above. Then, click Link the device. Lastly, scan the QR code that you get.


Besides those apps, you can also use Gmail. To use Gmail, open WhatsApp first. Then, tap the three dots menu above. Open the WhatsApp setting. Tap Chat and choose Export Chat. Then choose the chat of the account target. Wait until the pop-up window appears and choose Gmail. In the composing menu, we can know the chat data of the target.

Later, click Send, and the data will be sent to our email. Don’t forget to erase the sending history.
Those are some useful tracking apps for you. Now you don’t need to be worried and think of ‘how to track my partner’s cell phone and spy whatsapp messages’ anymore.

Those apps are easy to use and have many features inside. If you are a parent and worried about your kid using a handphone, you can also try these tips. But don’t forget to use the apps wisely. Don’t try to misuse the tips for any inappropriate acts.

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